Project Description

Decorative screens, placed in front of the luminous opening, allows this luminaire to be used as a highlighter of logos, artwork, or signage. Available with a wide variety of lamps, varied light levels can be provided.

  • Decorative screens on the luminaire fascia enable the fixture to highlight signage, artwork, or logos.
  • Patented process uses a four-color printing process ensuring all artwork is precise in color and design.
  • Standard 0-10V dimming driver.
  • Ink and lens are U.V. resistant ensuring there is no future “yellowing” or disfiguring of the lens.
  • The patented printing process and the unitized design of the luminaire allow the fixture to be used even in restrictive budget situations.
  • When using the luminaire for signage, actual verbiage, font type, and font size must be specified. An Illustrator or Freehand file is required for artwork or logos.
  • Meets all ADA requirements

Width: 9.25″
Height: 11″
Depth: 4″

  • White
  • Black
  • Silver
  • Bronze
  • Stainless Steel